About me

I’ve always loved the sheer beauty of nature, the wonder of flowers and the delicate intricacy of what we find in our back gardens, wild woodlands and windswept moors. My love of British seasonal flowers only grew stronger the more I noticed the vast difference between the pre-packaged, clinical blooms available in supermarkets and high street florists, compared to the simple wonder of the local flora.

This disparity coupled with the knowledge of the thousands of air miles and cheap labour that goes into getting out of season or exotic flowers and I had the impetus behind starting Alice Shaw Flora.

I work from my small cottage in North Devon with (wherever possible) independent local growers to create stunning floral arrangements that are personal to you. Each arrangement is as individual as nature itself, with beautiful wild combinations that often provide stronger scents than shop-bought bouquets.

Our flowers of choice are natural, eco friendly and sustainably grown. Our artisan approach ensures your flowers celebrate the beauty of nature.


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